What We Do for Almost All Patients that Need Hip Arthritis Pain Relief

“Motion is Lotion” – It’s a funny saying, sounds cliche, but there’s a lot of truth to it.

Dr. Elena, physical therapist, Rehabilitation Hip Preservation certified and hip pain relief expert starts with a thorough initial evaluation first…but in almost all cases, she provides her hip patients with gentle, special physical therapy manual techniques.

Introducing movement and recovering range of motion helps lubricate the joint and increases circulation. For a long list of FAQs about hip pain relief, you can learn more by visiting this page.

Movement can easily be recovered using the following treatment techniques:

  1. Stationary cycling – the physical therapist will adjust the tension and the bike mechanics so hip mobility is improved.
  2. Joint mobilization – your hip physical therapist will implement some hands-on techniques to facilitate slide, glide, roll, and even unloading or gentle traction on the joint to open up the joint space.
  3. Contract-relax/muscle energy techniques – this involves isometric contractions that relax tight muscles, followed by passive motion to improve joint mobility.
  4. Passive range of motion – this involves moving the hip joint with external forces rather than the hip muscles – your hip PT clinician will do this for you
  5. Home exercises – you will have a role in your recover of course. You’ll be provided with the appropriate therapeutic exercises and advice so you can work on recovering mobility as home as well.

Strengthening & Functional Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis

When it comes to strengthen exercises, your physical therapist can provide you with the appropriate open and closed chain exercises.

Open-chain exercises (think leg raises) mean your feet are moving when strengthening; close-chain exercises (think squatting exercises) mean the foot/feet are stationary when activating the muscles to improve strength.

It’s very important to work closely with your physical therapy hip arthritis specialist when you start strengthening exercises. If the frequency, volume, or resistance is too great, you can make it worse. This is where we will help.

Last – We Introduce Functional Training

It’s not good enough just to improve your strength and joint motion. You need to be able to function as well. This is where we create a personalized plan based on your goals.

  • Do you want to walk stairs again? We work on that.
  • Do you want to play golf again or with less pain? We work on that.
  • Do you want to return to jogging, tennis, pickle ball or some other sport – we work on that.

Personalized care involves expert analysis of the biomechanics needed to return to any given activity, and then making sure your recovering hip joint is prepared for these activities.

In Conclusion, If You are searching for hip pain treatment in Brooklyn, you should contact us today – there’s no need to suffer anymore.

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